Rochester Rough Riders Trail Ride Event and Campground Rules - Donley's Woods and Campground

 1. You must not leave the campground, for the woods, prior to 9:00 a.m.

2. The speed limit in the campground is five (5) miles per hour. 

3. The speed limit on the road to the woods is fifteen (15) miles per hour.

4. Stay on the designated road to and from the woods.

     a. Stay out of mud holes.

     b. Stay out of ALL row crop fields.

5. Upper Tiff's Trench is off-limits (different landowner).

     a. Please respect their property by staying off.

6. Land boundaries are marked.

     a. Respect boundaries.

7. The road entrance to the woods from the campground will be fenced off at 8:00 pm.

​     a. If your vehicle cannot return to camp by 8:00 pm, it will remain where it sits until 9:00 am the next morning.

     b. If you choose to bring your vehicle back to the campground between 8:00-10:00 pm, your vehicle will be parked for the remainder of the weekend.

     c. If you return with your vehicle after 10:00 pm, you will be excluded from any trail rides for a one (1) year period. 

          i. Appearance before the board with an explanation of what happened will be required to have your attendance reinstated.

8. No littering in the woods and campground.

     a. Pick up after yourself in the campground and in the woods.

     b. Bring out what you bring in.

     c. If you see garbage, pick it up (even if it is not yours). A huge THANK YOU to those that already do this!

     d. Make sure your guests, kids, and/or pets are picked up after.

9. Dogs must always be leashed. This is for the dog's safety and for the safety of others.

     a. Owners must clean up after their dogs (no one wants to step in dog 💩!)

10. Keep an eye on children at the campsite. 

​     a. Heavy machinery can pose a threat to littles.

11. Alcoholic beverages are allowed.

​     a. Have fun, but drink responsibly. Remember who may be watching and set a good example.

     b. If you are deemed excessively intoxicated in the woods

​          i. You will be escorted out of the woods; your vehicle is left until you are deemed sober enough to retrieve it.

          ii. Someone else that is sober can drive it back to camp for you.

     c. If you are deemed excessively intoxicated in the campground and are a nuisance, you will be asked to return to your campsite.

     d. No drinking and driving away from the campground onto the highway.

12. Unruly and/or threatening conduct (fighting, physical harm, property damage, threats of harm, etc.) will result in you being sent to your campsite to cool down and sober up for the night.

13. Unruly conduct may result in punitive action for which you may be required to appear before the board.​​

     a. Such conduct could lead to suspension or dismissal from events and/or the Club.

14. These rules extend to guests, guests are the invitee's responsibility.

​     a. Invitees are subject to punitive action because of their guest's conduct.

15. Everyone attending a trail ride event is a representative of the Rochester Rough Riders, even if they are not a member. Because they are attending our event, they are associated with the Club. Do your best to represent our club in the most positive light possible.


Questions or concerns should be directed to the Chairperson or Co-Chair of the event or to a Club Member